Ball head anchors & spherical head lifting anchors

Our range of ball head anchors and spherical head lifting anchors includes perfect accessories for various applications, such as transporting and lifting concrete slabs in all directions. The anchors are poured into the concrete along with a rubber recess piece. The base of the fastener provides a secure anchorage while the removable cutout after hardening allows for easy and secure attachment. Our standard anchors are available in different versions: carbon steel, fully galvanized and zinc plated.

Kogelkopankers - enkele kop - 6000

Ooganker - 6001

Openklapbare rubberen uitsparing - 6139

Openklapbare rubberen uitsparing - 6140

Plaatanker met kogelkop - 6010

Putankers - dubbele kop - 6070

Rode PUR Uitsparing - 6170/6171

Rubber uitsparing - 6170-R

Rubberen Ring - 6151

Stalen magnetische uitsparing - 6150M

Stalen openklapbare uitsparing - 6129

Stalen uitsparing - 6150

Uitreksleutel - CMD-KEY-M10

Uitsparing magnetische - 6154M

Uittreksleutel - VB-KO10