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Rod couplings & anchor rails

In our range of couplers, you will find different types of rebar screw couplers. This allows you to save on the amount of rebars and avoid more time-consuming coupling methods, such as overlapping and welding.

Our range of rod couplings includes different diameter and lengths. They feature a standard metric thread for easy assembly and visual inspection during precast construction or on the job site, without the need for special tools, a power source or staff training. They are available in steel, galvanized and sandblasted.

Our anchor rails are a reliable and flexible solution for coupling precast concrete elements and metal structures. They are available in a variety of standard sizes, feature a galvanized finish, and are filled with a polyethylene foam filling to prevent concrete and cement water seepage.

Anchor Channel - CAC-A4

Counter plate - CHPSW - F28/F38

Male Connection Coupler - MCC

Female Connection Coupler - FCC

Hamerhead Restraint Plaque - CHP- F28/F38

Head T-Bolts - CHB - F28/F38

Head T-Bolts - CHB - H40/H49

Counter plate CWT-1 with CWTP-50/50

Counter plate CWT-2 with CWTP-50/50

Rails 28/15 - CAC-28/15

Rails 38/17 - CAC-38/17

Rails 40/25 - CAC-40/25

Rails 49/30 - CAC-49/30

Female: Rebar Coupler (dowel anchor) - FRC / MRC