Flat anchors

Flat anchors or tilting anchors equipped with three holes ensure that no cracks in the concrete occur during the tilting of a concrete element. These accessories are available in steel, zinc plated or fully hot-dip galvanized (on request), with various load capacities and lengths. They are easily combined in the formwork with rubber HAR-cutouts, optionally equipped with magnets.

2-gaten-stripanker - HAF

Hijsankerplaat - HAP

Kipanker - HAE

Kipanker 1,25 ton - HAE-01,25

Kipanker met cap - HAEP

Magnetische montageplaat 10 ton - HARM + HARG

Magnetische Uitsparing voor platte ankers - HARM

Montageplaat voor HAR - HAMP

Plastiek uitsparing - HARP

Platvoetanker - HAV

Rubber Uitsparing - HAR

Sandwichanker - HASW

Zwaluwstaartanker - HAS