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Lifting equipment

The range of lifting loops includes accessories for lifting, tilting and inverting precast concrete elements. They are made of high-quality steel wire and can be connected to sleeves or anchors in the concrete elements via a thread.

Our lifting loops are made of high-quality galvanized steel wire and finished with an aluminum or steel clamp. They can be easily mounted on the mold or formwork. The top loop, which protrudes from the hardened concrete, can be hooked into various lifting devices. After placing the concrete element, protruding loops can be permanently removed. Consequently, this type of lifting loop is for single use.

Lifting hooks with screw, on the other hand, are aimed at transporting and lifting concrete elements in combination with sleeves that are recessed into them. Our lifting equipment can be used universally with all types of lifting inserts. This product is of high quality with long life and rotates over 360°. They can be supplied individually or in combination with matching lifting inserts.

Lifting eyes ( clutch ) for Spherical Head Lifting Anchor - 6102

Ring lifting clutch with shackle - HAL2

Wire rope lifting ring clutch - HAL1

Wire rope lifting with Swivel - LSW-CK

Lifting loop - LLP

Lifting rope GOLIATH - LGH

Hoisting loop Swivel - LSW-C

Cast In Lifting loop, steel - CIL

Cast In Lifting loop Polyprop - CIL-PP